Lieutenant Dan Noorlander

March 12, 1921 — October 3, 1990


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Part of Lt. Noorlander’s purpose in writing down his experience in the South Pacific was to describe war as it really is. He wanted his children and grandchildren to understand the physical, mental, and emotional cost associated with protecting liberty. His descriptions of war and life in the Army can be disturbing.

Picture: Lt. Noorlander sent this picture to Dorothy in 1944, after he was released from the hospital in New Zealand. He was treated for blackwater fever, a form of Malaria, which he came down with during his mission around Kolombangara.

Lt. Dan Noorlander
Colonel Hobart D. Belknap's recommendation letter
Daniel Noorlander Army Commission

According to this telegraph, Dan was wounded August 1, 1943. Johannes received the telegraph September 4; he received a follow-up letter from the Army, dated September 17, when Dan was released from the hospital. The wounded-notification letter from Representative King is dated September 20, 1943. The Congressman was a little behind in his correspondence!

Read the story describing how Dan was wounded in his own words, and in newspaper articles.

Dan Noorlander Sr. - Wounded in Action Letter

If you read the Wiki article on General Jacob L. Devers, anyone knowing Lt. Noorlander will understand why the General took a liking to him.

For example: “[General Devers] was an articulate proponent of the emerging tactical doctrine of combined arms, and rejected the American doctrine that held that tanks were for exploitation, not for fighting other tanks. He pressed American industry to produce more powerful engines, and, often against the views of his superiors, pushed the development of the M4 Sherman, a medium tank with a 75mm gun. Not satisfied with the Sherman, he called for still more heavily armed and armored tanks. He wanted 250 of the new M26 Pershing tanks for Operation Overlord, but was overruled.”

How General Devers knew Lt. Noorlander is not clear, but may have something to do with his command of the Army Ground Forces from June 29, 1945 to March 9, 1948. He wrote his letter to Lt. Noorlander October 5, 1945.

Daniel Noorlander Commission Korean War
Daniel Noorlander Commission Korean War
Dan Noorlaner Sr. -- Discharge Certificaate
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General Jacob L. Dever’s Letter


5 October 1945

First Lieutenant Daniel Noorlander 755
East 92nd Street Los Angeles, California

Dear Lieutenant Noorlander:

I wish to express to you my very real appreciation for the important part you have played in this war.

The Nation, the Army and the Army Ground Forces share your just pride in your contribution to making our arms victorious. Without you, and others who like you unselfishly gave up civil pursuits to defend the civilization we cherish, our brilliant and complete victory could never have been achieved.

Your military organization and the friendships you have formed therein will be a source of great satisfaction to you for many years to come.

I am sure you will resume your duties as a citizen with the same loyalty, leadership and devotion that have marked your service as an officer. You go to your home with my wishes for your good fortune in the future.


Jacob L. Devers
General, USA

Lt. Dan Noorlander