This site is dedicated to Lt. Dan Noorlander, and his war experiences.
If you have items to contribute, contact his son: Dan Noorlander Jr.
If you served with Lt. Noorlander, or are related to someone who did, contact his son: Dan Noorlander Jr.

Lieutenant Dan Noorlander

March 12, 1921 — October 3, 1990

Serving With Honor

World War II (1941—1945) | Korean War (1951—1952)
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Dan Noorlander Sr.

Lt. Noorlander — Washington National Guard

Front Lines Volunteer

“After Pearl harbor was bombed, December 7, 1941, I joined the army. Because of my two years in veterinary medicine, I was assigned to Barnes General Hospital as a medical technician in the clinic.

“My boss, Colonel Belknap, was an army medic who took me under his wing. I longed, however, to be with those carrying a rifle. I was not cut out to be a male nurse, so I asked for a transfer.

“Colonel Belknap said that he wanted me to go with him to the European theater of operations as a member of his MASH team. I told him that I felt my destiny was with the infantry, and that I would appreciate any help he could give me to get there. ‘OK,’ he said, ‘but if you want to go into the infantry, apply for Infantry School as an officer candidate,’ which I did. After graduation, I had to wait before I was eligible for a commission because an officer had to be 21. The Colonel went to bat for me again when he made me a corporal. I waited in the Washington National Guard until I turned 21.

“Infantry School was hard, discipline was harsh, but I was mentally and physically prepared. I was the youngest in my class of 39. I graduated as a Second Lieutenant, and was sent to the South Pacific where I served 3½ years. This picture was taken in 1942 after finishing Infantry School, while I was serving in the Washington National Guard.”


Barnes General Hospital, Vancouver WA

Dan Noorlander at Barnes General HospitalLt. Noorlander sent this picture to his future wife, Dorothy, while a medic at Barnes General Hospital, February 16, 1942. Wounded soldiers were sent to the hospital for medical treatment before going home.

Colonel Belknap’s Recommendation Letter

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Lt. Noorlander’s son created, hosts, and maintains this website.

Dan Noorlander at Barnes General Hospital

Barnes General Hospital, Vancouver WA

Colonel Belknap's letter of recommendation

Dan Noorlander Sr.


War Experiences of Lieutenant Dan Noorlander

World War II – 1941-1945
Korean War – 1951-1952

This record is dedicated to the memory of four friends who laid their life on the line in service to their country.

Warren F. Gin

My High School friend, who was killed in action during World War II while flying over enemy territory in Burma. Warren flew with the Flying Tigers.

Fred Scheunman

My LDS Army buddy in World War II, who was killed leading his platoon against a Japanese machine gun nest on the Island of New Georgia.

Chaplain Richard Nelson

My Army buddy in Japan and Korea, who was not ashamed to kneel in prayer the whole time I was leading my platoon against a Chinese line in Korea. He died of leukemia in Ogden, Utah. He served as an Army Chaplain.

Lt. Richard Ferriter

Lt. Ferriter was the only survivor of my war time friends. He repeatedly laid his life on the line leading men in combat. He was my patrol leader and friend while patrolling the Island of Kolombangara.

Dan and Dorothy Noorlander under the mistletoe in 1945

Dorothy and Dan under the mistletoe at a New Year’s Eve dance in 1945.

Dorothy Noorlander

Dorothy compiled the material used to create this website. Her record begins with this dedication:

I dedicate this book to the memory of my husband, Daniel Olie Noorlander Sr., who enlisted in the Army twice as an infantry soldier to fight for the country he loved. He fought in World War II, and again in Korea, to preserve the liberty this nation was founded on. He also fought so his posterity could enjoy the same rights, privileges, and freedoms that he did.

This book was put together from the memorabilia of his war experiences, so those who come after him will know something about him, and have an opportunity to feel proud of his dedicated service. Dan was a great American who loved his country and was willing to lay down his life, if necessary, for it.

Dorothy Noorlander
October 3, 2017
Fairview, Utah

Dan and Dorothy Noorlander - Wedding Reception

Dan and Dorothy’s wedding reception in Inglewood, California, August 3, 1945. They were married in the LDS Logan Temple July 30, 1945.